The Facilitated Publishing Model

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Poetry Publication

A publishing model designed by a poet for poets.

At NavWorks Press, we take our press imprint and reputation seriously, so we will not publish substandard work. We will, however, go to great lengths to collaborate with poets to prepare their work to be publication ready. If we do accept your work, we offer you publication under a facilitated publishing model where you choose a specific package and thereby become a partner in the publication of your work.

As a poet, I understand the poetry market and the difficulties that face many poets. I know that most of the self-publishing models are not cost-effective for poets and that many of the self-publishers are not tailoring their packages to the needs of poets. So I have designed and implemented a new concept called the facilitated publishing model to help poets get their work into print at minimal costs to them, certainly far better than the self-publishing models you will find out there.

As the facilitating publisher, we are offering a unique partnership that is unlike self-publishers or full traditional publishers. First, unlike a self-publisher, we are not looking to make an upfront profit off you as a client in publishing your work and then making a hefty profit off of everything you buy. We are looking for worthy work by poets who want to participate in a publishing model that is good for you as a poet and us as the publisher.

Second, unlike a full traditional publisher, we are not willing to shoulder the burden and risk of the full costs of publishing poetry at our expense. I’ll be very honest with you here; very few publishers of poetry make any money on their actual book projects. The only reason they publish poetry, aside from promoting and supporting the art, is that they receive donations from fine arts patrons and donors for their work. So the publication of poetry is viewed as mostly a philan-thropic endeavor. We are looking for worthy work by poets who want to participate in a publishing model that is good for you as a poet and us as the publisher. We will facilitate getting your publishable work into print by supplying our expertise, our resources, and our professional services at near break-even rates.

The most notable benefit to you in this model is that it is not self-publishing for two main reasons. First, you will need to submit your work to NavWorks Press just as you would to any publisher and we need to accept your work. We will only publish that which we are willing to put our name and reputation behind. Second, if we accept your work, you will be published under an actual press imprint, NavWorks Press, where your work was accepted based on its merit and our willingness to publish it.

Another great benefit to you is that you will not be dealing with a layered corporation that does business according to top-down policies which emphasize the bottom line and often lead to inflexibility. You will be working with a real individual or individuals who have a passion for poetry and the writing arts and for helping good poets get published in today’s world. Most of the other publishers and self-publishing houses are top-down multi-layered organizations that are not concerned with the poet’s needs as an individual. You usually end up working with an individual that is a hired representative who has no authority to modify packages or services or consider your individual needs and desires.

Other benefits to you include that you will receive higher royalties for any books sold through us, and you will be able to order as many books as you like at any time at publisher’s wholesale price (typically $3.50 for 50 page soft-cover) to sell yourself for FULL royalties. So if you sell your book at $9.50 retail, you make $6 per book. Also, you will make all typical royalties from other sellers, which is usually minuscule and part of what led me on a quest to find a better publication model for poets. Under this model, you can sell books and I will sell books that will make you far greater royalties than you will find anywhere else, and yet your book will still be available to order at any bookstore worldwide.

Your time as a poet is here.

Contact DE Navarro, NavWorks Press, at for submission guidelines and more information on our publication packages.


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  1. October 8, 2017 at 12:20 am

    Please share this far and wide, we are helping poets to get published.

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