Getting On Top of Things

It’s amazing how life can sneak up on us and we get so overcommitted with so many things that we end up missing out on the things we love because we have so many obligations to fulfill. That’s what life has been for me these past 8 months.

So now I am working hard to get on top of things. It takes incredible resolve to simplify and keep moving forward rather to than throw up my hands in disgust and quit. I’ve been quitting too much these past number of months preferring to play games and mess around to “escape” from the obligations.

Oh, I’ve done a good job of getting by with the minimal amount of work so that red flags don’t go up. But it’s been such a burden and I know how it works because I have been supremely efficient in the past. I wouldn’t be enjoying the incredible success that I have if I was never efficient.

So what happened?


That’s right. It’s not a complaint, I’m not whining about it, I’m just facing the reality that I can’t spin as many plates as I advance in age and my capacities seem to have diminished. So it’s just time to adjust to the season of life, adapt, and keep moving forward accomplishing as much as I can.

I’ve always been a “driven” individual with a strong inner compulsion to be productive, proactive, to succeed, and to be fulfilled. I love doing good stuff for people, serving and helping others. But I let myself get buried in overcommitments.

Run from overcommitments. I’ve always been good at saying NO when I need to, when I can’t handle adding more plates to spin. That’s not the problem. My problem is that I still think and act like I can do all the stuff I did 10 years ago and I can’t. So I have to face reality and accept the fact that my capacities have diminished, but my skills have not. So, I need to reassess what I really can handle and then say NO more often.

I still do more than most people, including young people. But whereas I used to run circles around others when it came to productivity, I now only walk around them. So I accept that and hopefully the lessons I learned in these past 8 months will help me to only take on the number of plates I can keep spinning.

Life is good. Keep it that way.


  1. JC Reilly said,

    August 8, 2021 at 2:55 am

    I’m finding the same thing is true for me…I keep thinking I can do everything like I used to and I can’t. It just means we have to come up with creative and strategic ways of doing things…and delegating when we can.

    • August 10, 2021 at 3:29 am

      Yes, thank you, so true. Which means we also have to be better at mentoring those we delegate things to if we want them done with the same quality we put into things. Thanks for the reply.

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