Newly Published Work

Great news! I’ve had work published in three volumes in the past several months, one in May (which was actually finished and printed in July due to technical printing errors) one published in June, and one published in August.

My poem, “Going Home” was published in May (printed in July) in the anthology, A Poetry Garden, ISBN: 979-8504970981.

My poem, “Warning: Automated Re-Deconstruction Ahead” was published in June in the anthology, Revision’s End, ISBN: 979-8548002587.

Six of my poems appear in the Voracious Polyglots Anthology Volume 1, Pangea Poetry: Bringing the World Back Together, as follows: Three Czech haiku with English translations: 1) “making puddles…”; 2) “cloudy morning…”; 3) “pandemic…”. Two Japanese haiku with English translations: 1) “morning fog…”; 2) “haiku…”. And one Portuguese poem with English translation: “Curse of the Spanish Armada by a Dying Sailor”. The ISBN is 979-8514228010 (there have been some problems with printing and editions, so it may change or be updated).

You can sample the poems at the following links (click on the titles):

Going Home
Warning: Semi-Automated Re-Deconstruction Ahead
Czech haiku: making puddles…
Czech haiku: cloudy morning…
Czech haiku: pandemic…
Japanese haiku: morning fog…
Japanese haiku: haiku…
Portuguese poem: Curse of the Spanish Armada by a Dying Sailor

I have a background in linguistics and translation of written texts, so I am proficient at translating into various languages. But don’t ask me to “speak” in any of these languages, I have no aptitude for verbal communication in foreign languages due to my slow ear, as they call it. I even have a hard time listening to people speak in English if they do not pronounce words with proper inflection and annunciate clearly. It’s hard for me to understand people who speak English with thick accents.

But it is a whole different world for me when things are written down, even in foreign languages with different characters or letters of the alphabet. For some reason I have no problem seeing different languages and therefore being able to read and understand, and further, to translate.

So, enjoy these poems. By the way, I always ask a native speaker in the foreign language to read my translation and comment so I am sure it is communicating to those who “speak” the language.

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